Making music rights easy

What we do

ReRight is a new music services company that empowers musicians to achieve their creative vision and manage their rights in a simple and efficient way.


Our innovative music publishing solution enables faster and more accurate payments, and full transparency. We also provide personalised creative support, while proactively seeking sync placements and bespoke composition work.


Our clients own their rights, and we only make money if they do. They have the flexibility and control needed to fully participate in NFT/Web3 projects, for example, without suffering from the licensing complexities of the current system or sacrificing more traditional revenue streams.


Sync & Custom Music

We want it to be easy and efficient for you to license high quality music by commercial artists/songwriters, whether it’s for a movie, video game or ad, or for your website, social media content, or fitness/meditation app. 


That’s why we offer simple, global sync licences that cover all of the rights needed to use our clients’ music in your content. Think of them as “one stop” licences, but with the added bonus of including the public performance/communication rights in the composition.  


We do this without taking ownership of our clients’ music, and they always receive the significant majority of the licence fee. 


We have a fast-growing music library across a range of styles - you can access a small sample of it HERE. We also create bespoke music to a brief, and we represent our clients for the composition of original scores for film, TV and video games. 

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

John Cage