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Unlocking the
True Value of Music

ReRight is a technology platform that unlocks higher and faster payments for artists, songwriters and other music publishing rightsholders of all sizes.

ReRight is a music technology platform that unlocks higher and faster
payments for artists, songwriters and publishing rightsholders of all sizes. 

  • Direct, global licensingFirst company to achieve actual, direct, global licensing of publishing rights.

  • Simple administration: Manage song rights and catalogues with ease and efficiency, regardless of expertise.

  • A single transparent layer: No middlemen, payments are increased, and made with speed and precision. 

  • Innovative technology: A tech-stack fit for the modern music industry.

  • Scaled sync: Licensing opportunities via integrations with partners in Fim, TV, Games, Fitness & Advertising.

About Anchor
Sync Anchor

Sync & Custom Music

We want it to be easy and efficient for you to license high quality music by commercial artists/songwriters, whether it’s for a movie, video game or ad, or for your website, social media content, or fitness/meditation app. 


That’s why we offer simple, global sync licences that cover all of the rights needed to use our clients’ music in your content. Think of them as “one stop” licences, but with the added bonus of including the public performance/communication rights in the composition.  


We do this without taking ownership of our clients’ music, and they always receive the significant majority of the licence fee. 


We have a fast-growing music library across a range of styles - you can access a small sample of it HERE. We also create bespoke music to a brief, and we represent our clients for the composition of original scores for film, TV and video games. 

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

John Cage

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